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As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Advanced Technology & Materials Co.,Ltd.(AT&M), ATTL Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (ATTL) is formed by the merger of Beijing Tianlong tungsten and molybdenum Technology Co., Ltd. And Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch of AT&M. Refractory Materials & Ceramics Branch of AT&M, whose predecessor is Refractory Alloy Laboratory of Central Iron and Steel Research Institute, was founded in 1958.

As one of the earliest units devoted to the refractory metal material in domestic market, ATTL owns the largest sized and the most advanced manufacture facilities in the domestic refractory metal fields. The main equipment including hot isostatic pressing machine, cold isostatic pressing machine, plasma spraying equipment, vacuum induction sintering furnace, controlled atmosphere heat treatment furnace, high temperature sintering furnace, ultrasonic testing, universal testing machine, three coordinate measuring instrument, TC600C oxygen-nitrogen analyzer, C600C carbon analyzer etc.

ATTL has four R&D manufacturing bases in Beijing Zhongguancun innovation park, Tianjin Baodi economic development zone, Shaanxi Baoji Taibai county economic park and Shandong Weihai industrial new area, of which the total area is nearly 400 thousand m2. Now, treating the refractory metal materials like tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium, Tantalum and Niobium as the main research direction, ATTL constantly provides services to the global high-end market.

ATTL products are widely applied not only in the traditional industries such as aviation, Aerospace, national defense, automobile, electronic and electric power, equipment manufacturing, metal material processing, quartz and glass and glass fiber manufacturing, high-temperature industrial furnaces and electric light sources , but also in the new and emerging ones such as LCD, solar energy, nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, LED lighting, large-scale integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and consumer electronics.

ATTL is committed to provide customers with consistent, reliable, high quality products, prompt deliveries, responsive customer services and to develop mutually profitable partnerships.

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