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MOCVD is a chemical vapor deposition technique for gas phase epitaxial growth of thin films using the organic metal decomposition reaction. In order to grow multi-component, large area, thin layer and ultrathin layer compound semiconductor material, in addition to consider the system sealing, flow, component transformation, etc., the most important point is to control the temperature of the reaction chamber. MOCVD chamber temperature control accuracy needs to reach 0.2℃ or higher. High temperature uniformity is also an important guarantee for the product yield.

Material Introduction

As tungsten, molybdenum, rhenium refractory metal materials have heat resistant, low pollution, excellent creep resistance, high dimensional stability, low coefficient of expansion, welding performance and other advantages, they are widely used as filaments, heat shield, clamp and other parts for MOCVD heater.

Rhenium filament

Rhenium plate, rhenium piece, rhenium rod

Tungsten rod, tungsten plate, tungsten foil, tungsten wire

Other tungsten products

Other molybdenum products

Product Specification

ATTL MOCVD project team has strong R&D advantages. We can provide the complete set of heater design and product. We can also provide the replacement, refurbishment and repairment service for our customers.

V series: tungsten middle filament, tungsten inner filament, rhenium outer filament, rhenium inner filament, conductive plate, tungsten heat shield, molybdenum heat shield, isolation ceramics, clamp and any other MOCVD heater components’ repairment, upgrade and replacement.

A series: tungsten filament, conductive plate, BN heat shield, insulating ceramics and other MOCVD heater components’ repairment, upgrade and replacement.

ATTL also has its own MOCVD heater technology and experience. We can provide the whole set heater technology and solutions according to customer requirements.

Our Advantages

➢ We started the MOCVD heater research from 2007. We have formed a strategic partnership with international and domestic equipment manufacturers to develop MOCVD equipment together. At present, ATTL MOCVD heater components have been widely used in the epitaxial equipment in the world.

Successful Case

Our company provides MOCVD heaters and related parts for a number of well-known equipment manufacturers. The company helps equipment manufacturers and end users of MOCVD equipment to reduce costs and improve competitiveness.

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