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In order to meet the requirements of high temperature tungsten & molybdenum products are widely used in high temperature furnace including heat insulation screen, heating element, sticks, tray, etc.

Material Properties

The Tungsten and molybdenum have a high melting point, low thermal expansion coefficient, and the very bottom of saturated vapor pressure, and still have very good supporting in high temperature.

We can provide customers with high quality of tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium with thermal field components.

Tungsten Heater

Tungsten Shield

Other Fabricated Tungsten Parts

High Temperature Binding Wire

Molybdenum Rods, Molybdenum Plates, Molybdenum Plates, Molybdenum Wire

Other Fabricated Mlybdenum Products

Tungsten Tube

Product Specification

Manufacture according to customer's request.

We provide tungsten & molybdenum heating element solution.

Our Advantages

➢ The earliest domestic enterprises engaged in tungsten materials research and production, began in 1958, has accumulated rich experiences and acquired a lot of expertises.

➢ Excellent industrial furnace project team, including leading rolling equipment, experienced technical personnel, first-class marketing services team. With high quality products and acting with integrity reputation, ATTL has become the first choice supplier at home and abroad.

➢ Have full sets of advanced high temperature sintering, rolling, forging, wire drawing and processing equipment.

➢ Accumulated profound tungsten heater design and production experiences, customize according to customer's requirements, fully meet customer's demand.

➢ Have sufficient and stable production capacity, escort for the development of our customers.

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