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Radiation is the most important discovery in Physics field in modern times. α,β,γ neutron rays are common rays. Generally, the rays have high energy, can kill tumors tissue easily by controlling well. Currently, they are widely used in medical imaging diagnosis and radiotherapy.

While, to avoid the negative influence to the health tissue and also protect the surrounding environment, has become the significant issue to the medical equipment ray protection fields, those materials with great radiation shielding and guidance ability be widely demand.

The tungsten heavy alloy materials produced by us have been widely used in various types of CT, LINAC, PET, γ camera equipments, etc, provide the best radiation protection and guidance.

We not only provide raw materials and finish machining parts, but also provide a full range of production solutions.

Material Properties

High Density:max as 18.8g/cc

Excellent radiation protection:Tungsten alloy is 1.7 times better than Lead in radiation protection capability with same thickness.

Good shaping, machining and welding capability

Compared with lead toxicity, tungsten alloy is zero damage to environment. Radiation detectors made by tungsten alloy has no harm to human body.

Tungsten heavy alloy metals manufactured by ATTL is your best choice for radiation protection & guidance:

Tungsten Nickel and Iron tungsten: Good shaping, machining and welding capability

Tungsten Nickel and cooper: Non-magnetic, can avoid electronic interference

Other tungsten heavy alloy metals: customization according to your demand about the density and property

− Ploy tungsten metal: Density can reach 12g.cc, low cost, and no harm to the environment. MIM injection process can make very complex parts which can’t be machined.

− 3D printing: we cooperate with Tsinghua University to set up our 3D printing R&D center and provide high-quality 3D printing products

Products Specification

Isotope Containers

Nowadays, Isotope become widely used for radiotherapy in medical applications. Because it releases radial which can harm to human body, Isotope must be stored and transported in particularly well sealed containers.

Our company offer Isotope containers by using tungsten heavy metal alloys which can provide best radiation protection.


Medical Linear accelerator generate radial to kill tumor tissue.

Primary and secondary collimator system made by tungsten alloy metals guide radial beam to form the shape as you designed, hundred percent to ensure the safety.

Multi-leaf Collimator

In medical radiotherapy field, in order to protect the surrounding healthy tissue, a highly precise multileaf collimator is necessary.

The high accurate Multileaf Collimator application makes linear accelerator; become true “tumor killer”. It guides ray kills tumor tissues and also protect healthy tissues and avoid ray damage in the same time.

Multi-leaf collimator system mainly assemblyed made from tungsten alloy with excellent ability in radiation protection and very good processing property, combined by precision machining with good mechanical structure and software control system can takes accurate movement under computer automatic control to achieve the effect of conformal radiotherapy.

High accurate image collimator

Based on High density and outstanding ray absorption ability, Tungsten heavy alloy material from us is a better choice for manufacturing high accurate image collimator system. These collimator productions can absorb extra scattered radiation, guide ray to make perfect image quality.

Our Advantages

➢ ATTL has over six decades experience in manufacturing and machining tungsten heavy alloy. We can produce high accurate and extreme complex tungsten leaf, as thin as 1mm leafs.

➢ Besides advanced production and machining equipment with outstanding quality insurance system, we have passed ISO9001, 14001, QHSAS 1800A & AS9100 quality system certification, which ensures ATTL to provide best quality products.

➢ ATTL provides series customized material and production solution to satisfy your specialized requirements.

➢ Rich experiences in precision machining technology and product traceability of the whole process guarantee the quality of each parts to satisfy customer's requirements.

➢ Thousand grade clean assembly workshop, skillful assembly team, can provide high precision and complex assembly parts.

➢ Cooperate with world-wide famous medical equipment companies.


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