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Tungsten alloy is the most important parts and widely used in automobile crankshaft counterweight, oil weight, security defense, precision optical instruments, due to the magnetic properties, high proportion of tungsten copper nickel alloy especially for the aviation electron system.

Material Property

Pure tungsten is very brittle, we add nickel and iron to our composite materials and apply the molten material in a liquid-phase sintering process. The nickel-iron phase binds the tungsten grains and consequently guarantees high ductility. The advantage: Our material offers optimized mechanical processing capabilities and is also able to withstand high loads. With easy processing and high density, our balancing weights are ideally suited for industrial balance weights.

Compared with the ordinary balance weights material as iron, steel, lead weight, ATTL tungsten heavy alloy material is the first choice for your industrial demand.

Tungsten Nicol Iron Alloy: High density (maximum 18.7g/cm3) allows customer place more weight in a limited space; excellent wear and corrosion resistance ensures the parts have long life; outstanding machining performance can allow production machined into different shapes to accurately adjust the object weight and balance based on customer requirement. Compared with lead and lead alloy, tungsten nickel iron alloy has so many advantages as non-toxic, pollution-free. It provides great help for the protection of the environment.

High density tungsten-based alloys: We can adjust special density and mechanical property according to customer requirement.

Based on the above advantages, ATTL tungsten alloy is widely used in aerospace, automotive, oil field, nuclear power and other fields, won the unanimous endorsement from the domestic and foreign customers.

Product Specification

Aviation parts: ATTL provides high performance tungsten alloy as aviation balance weight parts. On the other hand, due to the magnetic properties, high proportion of tungsten copper nickel alloy especially for in the aviation electron system.

Automobile industry: ATTL tungsten alloy are used as balancing weights on crankshafts or in balance shafts in formula 1 racing cars or large diesel engines.

Sports equipment: golf clubs, darts

Energy unit: Super large inertial wheel

Oil and gas drilling: down hole logging tools

Optical industry: microscopes and measuring instrument

Our Advantages

➢ ATTL has over six decades experience in manufacturing and machining tungsten heavy alloy. We can produce high accurate and extreme complex tungsten leaf, as thin as 1mm leafs.

➢ Besides advanced production and machining equipment with outstanding quality insurance system, we have passed ISO9001, 14001, QHSAS 1800A & AS9100 quality system certification, which ensures ATTL to provide best quality products.

➢ ATTL provides series customized material and production solution to satisfy your specialized requirement.

➢ Rich experiences in precision machining technology and product traceability of the whole process guarantee the quality of each parts to satisfy customer's requirements.

➢ Thousand grade clean assembly workshop, skillful assembly team, can provide high precision and complex assembly parts.

➢ Cooperate with world-wide famous medical equipment companies.

➢ ATTL has the largest and most advanced Tungsten Heavy Alloy R&D and manufacturing equipment in China. We can provide D550mm*680mm size product, and our monthly yield capacity is over 300 tons.

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