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Kinetic Energy Production Application

In modern wars, main attack targets is tank armor, strong fortifications and combatants with armor protection, To gain lethal damage effect, the high performance materials with high density, deposit rate, strong penetration ability is necessary. Our company manufacture high performance tungsten alloy material can completely meet these requirements in national security and defense industry.

Material Property

The maximum density of Tungsten alloy can be reached as 18.8g/ cm3. It is 2.3 times than the density of steel (7.8g/cm3). It is great help in improving the flight speed sustaining and target penetration capability. It increases a lethal attack to the armored vehicle and combatant.

Tungsten alloy has good moulding, machining and welding capability.

Tungsten ally has high temperature resistance, good thermal stability and other characteristics. It will not become deformation under high temperature and high vaccum pressure environment

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Product Specification

High performance tungsten alloy rod

High performance tungsten alloy sphere, cube.

Customs security inspection device

In modern industrial production and customs security inspection field, in order to improve the accuracy of imaging and prevent left-out rays from causing permanent damage to the human body, it is necessary to design a radiation shielding component which not only ensures that rays will come out from the established route to perform detection, and also can absorbs extra radiation.

With the advantages of high density (, good compactness, strong ray absorption capability etc. tungsten heavy alloy metals have become the main material for manufacturing industrial radiation shielding components.

Material Property

− High Density:Max as 18.8g/cc

− Excellent radiation protection: Tungsten alloy is 1.7 times than lead in radiation protection capability with same thickness.

− Compared with lead toxicity, tungsten alloy does zero damage to environment. Radiation detectors made by tungsten alloy has no harm to human body

− Good shaping, machining and welding capability

Our Advantages

➢ With sixty-year experiences from AT&M Refractory Materials Branch and thirty-years experiences from TLWM in manufacturing and machining tungsten heavy alloy, ATTL can produce high accurate and extreme complex tungsten leaf, as thin as 1mm leafs.

➢ Besides advanced production and machining equipment with outstanding quality insurance system, we have passed ISO9001, 14001, QHSAS 1800A & AS9100 quality system certification, which ensures ATTL to provide best quality products.

➢ ATTL provides series customized material and production solution to satisfy your specialized requirement.

➢ Rich experiences in precision machining technology and product traceability of the whole process guarantee the quality of each parts to satisfy customer's requirements.

➢ our professional assembly team can provide high precision and complex assembly parts.

➢ Cooperate with world-wide famous medical equipment companies.

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