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Semiconductor ion implantation is a new technology of material surface modification. It has been widely used in the doping of semiconductor materials, the surface modification of metals, ceramics, polymers etc. It is a necessary technique in the contemporary manufacturing large scale integrated circuit.

Ion implantation is the injection of the ion beam with an energy order of 100keV into a material where the ion beam will have a series of physical and chemical interactions with atoms or molecules in the material. The incident ions gradually lose their energy, and finally stop in the material and cause a change in composition, structure and properties of the surface of the material, thus optimizing the surface properties of the material, or giving some new excellent performance to the material.

Material Property

ATTL tungsten and molybdenum components used in ion implantation have high purity, good mechanical properties to ensure they are suitable for the processing of arc chamber components with complex shapes.

High purity tungsten and molybdenum arc chamber is the basic guarantee for semiconductor chip yield. ATTL high performance ion source head tungsten and molybdenum parts greatly reduce the machine maintenance frequency and ensure the customer's production capacity, are the best choice for customers.

Tungsten powder, rod, plate, sheet, wire

Other customized tungsten products

Product Specification

With a complete set of imported precision machining equipment, with self-produced materials such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium as the basis of quality control, and combining advanced foreign technology, ATTL can design, produce and process high-precision and high-quality products according to customer requirements.


Density g/cm3

Tensile strength at high temperature Mpa(1000℃)

Elongation %


ASTM B760-2007(T=4.75)





ATTL W  (T=4)





Main chemical composition %





ATTL W  (T=4)





Success Cases

ATTL is equipped with complete equipment for processing refractory materials, and can provide customers with plates, sheets, bars, rods and complex components made from refractory metal materials such as tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum, niobium and their alloys. ATTL is able to provide tungsten and molybdenum products used in large-beam, medium-beam and high-energy ion sources; able to provide tungsten high-energy ion source components, tungsten or molybdenum large-beam ion implantation parts, and molybdenum medium-beam ion source components. The products have been supplied to leading manufacturers in Taiwan, the United States and other countries and regions.

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