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Using the magnetron sputtering method, tiny molybdenum metal particles can vaporize from the molybdenum target, then deposit of on the glass substrate to form a thin film. Molybdenum coating is an important part of the TFT-LCD screen thin film transistor. Through the Mo coating, the individual image points (pixel) can be instantly controlled, which ensure particularly clear image quality. The molybdenum coating can also be applied to the static contact of CIGS solar cells.

Material Property

Molybdenum has high melting point, high conductivity, lower specific impedance, good resistance to corrosion and environment friendly. The molybdenum sputtering targets can form a thin film on various types of substrate. The sputtered films are widely used in electronic components and electronic products.

Molybdenum powder, rod, plate, sheet, wire

Other customized molybdenum products

Product Specification

We can provide the molybdenum target products for the current whole generation production line.


Target Dimension(mm)













We can provide the molybdenum rotating target for the whole generation line, and the overall target with completion of the binding.

Our Advantages

➢ We use strict quality control to ensure the products have high purity of over 99.95%, grain size of less than 100μm and the high density of >10.15g/cm3.

➢ We have the advanced large size sintering furnace and the 2300mm wide rolling mill to produce G5.5 generation line target.

➢ Large grinding machines and other precision machining equipment can ensure the precise size of the product.

➢ We have the large size nondestructive testing equipment with an effective stroke of 4000mm*2000mm, to ensure that the product has no defects, and to achieve the perfect coating effect that you expect.


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