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Party Committee Center Group studied the topic of “power, electr
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In June 17th, the Group held a Party Committee C Group study session, chief engineer, Professor Li Chongjian from Automation Institute reported on “the situation and development of power electronics and electrical drive technology”. Members in the group of Party committee participated in the study which is hosted by Cai Rang, the Secretary of Party Committee and Group President,Cai Rang.
   Professor Li Chongjian first briefly introduced the development of Metallurgical Automation Institute of electric drive, and discussed development trend of the power electronics and electric drive and pointed out the challenges and Considerations that would be confronted. He also pointed out that according to the improvement of the power and electronic technology and the changing market, the rapid adjustment of development strategy was needed in order to adapt to the constantly changing economic environment and the measures are as follows: Actively seek entrance into the new main battlefield of electric power and electronic -- energy, traffic; give scope to big power advantages, actively strive for the domestic large-scale transmission equipment project; develop AC-DC-AC converter to form  new generation of transmission device industry; give scope to full advantages of materials and automation equipment, actively explore a new generation of power electronic device. On the meeting, members of the Party communicated and discussed with Professor Li Chongjian on technology and development problems they concerned and gained an especially profound feelings on fast development of new technology and rapid switching of the application field of power, electronics and electrical drive.
   “Professor Li Chongjian's report analyses the current situation and development trend of automatic technology having rich connotation and explaining profound theories in simple language, it has a practical significance to the development of our Group company in the field of automation” said Cai Rang when he summarized the study and he had three propositions: first, strengthen the coordination of group business, especially the rotary hearth furnace, nanocrystalline, permanent magnet motor,etc.; second, layout in the new field, especially the new energy and ocean engineering; and the third is to accelerate the development of Group company according to the rapidly changing technology.

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