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carry out the corresponding research learning activities
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In June 14th, Retired-worker Department collectively headed to the Nonferrous Metals Research Institute to carry out research activities, according to the outline of group for steadily improving the construction of retirees Management Service System, combined with the old comrades daily management work. The human resources department, Institute for nonferrous metal retired office responsible person and staff gave a warm reception. The two sides exchanged the practices and experiences respectively and conducted extensive and in-depth communication and discussion on the management mode of the retired, daily management services, relevant policy treatment and current concern of the old comrades. And they also visited retirees activity room, recreation room, which gave them quite good gains in experience as well as inspirations for the management work in the future. Retired-Worker Department will continue to focus on the themes about how to fulfill responsibilities to the old comrades, how to build a stable and harmonious unit, and carry out the corresponding research learning activities.

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