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Tungsten Products

Tungsten has the characteristics of high melting point, high strength and hardness, good performance at high temperature, low resistivity, small expansion coefficient, and small electronic work function; therefore it is the metal material which is most widely used in high-temperature conditions. Our company produces a variety of tubes, rods, plates, ingots, crucibles and various large-scale special-shaped products made of pure tungsten, such as parts of high temperature furnace, components of electronic tubes, semiconductors and high temperature crucibles, anodes for lamps, various electrodes, glass industry parts, thermocouple bushing, porous body and complex, etc.

Tungsten crucibles, tungsten tubes, tungsten plates and tungsten-rhenium alloys are important parts of sapphire crystal growth furnace and MOCVD; various kinds of large tungsten tubes, mandrel, molding plate and feeding plate are important parts of quartz glass furnaces and other high-temperature furnaces; tungsten tubes, tungsten crucibles, and electrodes are also indispensable consumables to the rare earth smelting industry. The above mentioned products of our company have been used by more than 100 sapphire crystal growth factories, MOCVD epitaxial factories, quartz glass factories, high temperature thermal treatment plants and rare-earth smelting factories for many years, and won excellent reputation and feedbacks.

Crucible and its Accessories

Due to its characteristics of high temperature resistance and low pollution, tungsten is widely used in the crystal growth and rare-earth smelting industry for producing crucibles and accessories. 

Crucible Tube and its Accessories

Characteristics: High melting point, low vapor pressure, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, mainly used for structural parts of quartz industry, heaters for high temperature furnace, and  cathode, etc.

Tungsten-Molybdenum Alloy Pipe

With liquid zinc corrosion-resistant performance, molybdenum-tungsten alloys are mainly used for producing some corrosion-resistant parts for liquid zinc temperature measurement tubes, heating electrode pipes, zinc solution pump rotors and zinc-smelting furnace, as well as for production of molybdenum-tungsten alloy crucibles for Sapphire growth.

Tungsten Heater and Thermal Field Product

Due to its characteristics of high temperature resistance and low pollution, tungsten is widely used in the crystal growth and epitaxial equipment.

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