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Material Property

Tungsten ,melting point 3420ºC, has an excellent high temperature strength and good corrosion resistance to the molten alkali metals and steam. Its high thermal stability makes it still works normally under the environment of high temperature.

Tungsten has good strength, high hardness and high temperature performance, low resistivity, low expansion coefficient, low electron work function, etc, is the most widely used high temperature resistant metal materials.

After doped with 65~70ppm potassium, the tungsten rod form an elongated stacked microstructure inside which improved the material to a better high-temperature properties such as better creep resistance and dimensional stability.


In recent years ,with the widely application of the LED lighting, the demand of the sapphire substrate materials expands rapidly. The sapphire growing temperature is above 2200 ℃, the process needs the long time stability of thermal field. Tungsten has been widely used in the furnace for its low pollution and high melting point.

Use of tungsten and molybdenum materials preparation of cage type heating element can very good satisfy long sapphire crystal furnace to the stability of the temperature and thermal field of the environmental requirements.

Product Specification

We can do the design and customized according to customer's request.

We provide tungsten molybdenum heating element material solution.

For tungsten bars and tungsten wire, we have the alkaline cleaning and polishing states surface for you to choose.

Production Process

From powder to completed tungsten rods using powder metallurgy process.

All specifications and high precision can meet the customer’s requirements.


Our Advantages

➢ The earliest domestic enterprises engaged in tungsten materials research and production, began in 1958.

➢ Have a full set of advanced high temperature sintering, rolling, forging, forging, wire drawing and processing equipment support capability.

➢ Accumulated a profound tungsten heater design and production experience, can be customized production according to customer requirements, fully meet customer demand.

➢ Have sufficient and stable production capacity, the escort for the development of the customer.

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