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Material Property

Tungsten ,melting point 3420ºC, has an excellent high temperature strength and good corrosion resistance to the molten alkali metals and steam. Its high thermal stability makes it still works normally under the environment of high temperature.

After high temperature hot rolling, the surface the tungsten sheet nearly reached the theoretical density. Then with some cleaning treatment, the surface can turns to the mirror state. Tungsten sheet had excellent thermal reflecting performance in a vacuum environment, with less deformation and volatile.


Tungsten material with good thermal emission performance, coupled with the tungsten plate heat resistance to deformation and high vapor pressure, core of drier is widely used in high temperature furnace, heating element on the nearest thermal insulation layer.

Sapphire assumes the spurt of growth in recent years, the demand for long sapphire crystal temperature process on the stability of the temperature and thermal field of the environmental requirements is very high, high melting point and stable performance at high temperature and low pollution in sapphire crystal tungsten heat insulation screen has been widely used in the oven.

Long heat preservation system to control the crystal environment, thermal field uniformity will greatly affect the length of crystal quality, the effect of heat preservation decision power equipment.The correct hot field structure and the heating power can ensure uniform temperature in the furnace, at the same time greatly reduce heat loss.



Product Specification

According to customer requirements, size range: 0.05 ~ 50 mm (thickness) x 50 ~ 500 mm (width) x 100 ~ 1500 mm (length)

We provide tungsten heat insulation screen application solutions

Production Process

We use powder metallurgy process to produce tungsten plate slab, then rolling and heat treatment process to get the desired tungsten sheets.

All specifications can meet the requirements of customers and achieve high precision by machining.

Our Advantages

➢ The earliest domestic enterprises engaged in tungsten materials research and production, began in 1958.

➢ Have a full set of advanced high temperature sintering, rolling, forging, wire drawing and processing equipment to support production capability.

➢ Accumulating a profound tungsten heater design and production experience, we can customize the products according to customer requirements, and fully meet customer demand.

➢ Have sufficient and stable production capacity to meet customer's satisfaction.

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