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Material Property

Tungsten has the characteristics of high melting point, high strength and hardness, high temperature performance, low resistivity, small expansion coefficient, small electronic work function and so on. In industrial vacuum or high temperature (above 1800℃) environment with protective gas, tungsten is the most widely used high temperature resistant metal materials.

Tungsten has high temperature resistance and low pollution characteristics, widely used in crystal growth and rare earth smelting crucible and accessories.

Production Process

Tungsten and its alloys are processed by rolling, forging and drawing, to reach or approach the theoretical density. The strength, plasticity and toughness are further improved, and the forming performance is improved. They are widely used as the high temperature furnace components, the electronic tube components, etc.


The high melting point of tungsten determines that tungsten will be used in high temperature environment. There are very few standard parts, most of them are customized products.

Refractory parts of industrial high temperature furnace

Hot Zone of Sapphire Growing

MOCVD Epitaxial Equipment

Componenets for Quartz Continuous melting Furnace

Product Specification

Customized according to customer requirements.

We can provide solutions for heating materials of tungsten and molybdenum for customers.

Our Advantages

➢ The earliest enterprises engaged in research and production of tungsten materials in China began in 1958.

➢ We have a full set of advanced high temperature sintering, rolling, forging, drawing and processing equipment support capacity.

➢ We have accumulated rich tungsten heater design and production experience, fully meet the requirements of customers.

➢ Have adequate and stable production capacity, in order to protect the development of customers.

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