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Material Property

Tungsten wire with 3%,5%,25%or 26%rhenium, keeps high strength, good flexibility and mechanical properties in 2000℃ temperature. And it will not become fragile after high temperature use.

Tungsten-rhenium wire has the features of high melting point, good toughness, good chemical stability under the non oxidizing atmosphere, less secondary pollution.


Rhenium tungsten wire is suitable for sapphire crystal growing furnace heater binding material at 2000℃. Rhenium element fully ensures the stability of the wire during the long crystal growth process.

Rhenium tungsten wire is also suitable for seed crystal binding wire, sapphire crystal growth cycle is long, more than one week or even more than a month, only the rhenium tungsten wire can keep such a long original mechanical strength after high temperature using, which ensures that no crystal broken caused by crystal seed falling off.

Product Specification

Tungsten-rhenium alloy content ratio according to customer request, the common ratio is 25 wt% Re.

Diameter: ≥0.1mm

Weight: >1kg

Production Process

We use the method of hydrogen reduction of Ammonium rhenate to make rhenium powder. Reduction reaction in tubular furnace or rotary furnace.

We mix tungsten and rhenium powder together well-proportioned.

Our Advantages

➢ We are one of the earliest units engaged in rhenium tungsten alloy.

➢ We own tungsten-rhenium alloy wire patent and won third prize of national scientific progress.

➢ We can provide a full range of sapphire crystal tungsten molybdenum material solution.

➢ We never stop footsteps of Technical innovation. As a state-owned company, we take responsibility of leading the development of domestic refractory metal technology.

➢ Company qualified with ISO9001、14001and OHSAS18001 and can deliver the high-quality products.

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