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Material Introduction

Tungsten heavy alloy is a kind of alloy using tungsten as matrix and adding a small amount of nickel, iron, copper and other alloying elements, with the characteristics such as: high and adjustable density (~ 18.5g/cm3), good absorption ability of high-energy radiation (1/3 higher than the absorptivity of lead ray), low coefficient of thermal expansion (4 ~ 6×10-6/℃), good plasticity, high strength and elasticity modulus, machinability and weldability.


In modern industrial production and customs security check process, the ray detectors are widely used. In order to prevent the permanent damage to the human body caused by rays, the ray shielding components are required to not only ensure the rays to reach out from the established route so as to achieve good detection effect but also shield and absorb the needless rays. With the aforesaid excellent properties, the tungsten heavy alloys have been widely used in manufacture the ray shielding components.

Product Specification

Currently, we have cooperated with several companies worldwide for the manufacture of industrial ray shields which include a variety of specifications and shapes as well as different protection exposure dose (4Mev ~ 12Mev). The right picture shows one of the tungsten shields.

Production Process

According to customer's drawings, the production process of tungsten shields is divided into seven stages, including material mixing, pressing, sintering, molding, thermal treatment, machining and assembly.

We strictly select and check each batch of raw materials and inspect each technology implementation process, and then after the almost demanding finished product inspection, we ultimately guarantee the high quality of each piece of tungsten shield delivered to the customers.

Our Strengths

➢ Central Iron and Steel Research Institute of MMI is the first department in China which developed tungsten alloys. Therefore, we have absolute strengths in tungsten alloy production technology.

➢ ATTL has the largest scale and the most advanced research and production equipment in the field of tungsten alloy. With sixty-year experience in the production of tungsten alloys, the quality of our products has reached the international advanced level. Meanwhile, our researchers are unremittingly making innovations end improvements.

➢ At the same time, we have advanced machining production lines which allows the production of extremely precise tungsten alloy components according to your demands.

Related Industries Introduction

In addition to the manufacture of industrial ray shields, we also can produce more sophisticated ray shielding devices for the medical industry, such as multi-leaf collimator (MLC), and our products have been provided to a number of famous international medical equipment companies.

We are quite willing to provide any professional services, including product design, production, assembly and maintenance.

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