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Material Property

Molybdenum and its alloys are processed by rolling, forging and drawing, to reach or approach the theoretical density. The strength, plasticity and toughness are further improved, and the forming performance is improved.

Production Process

By using the method of static pressure molding, high temperature sintering and free forging, the density of molybdenum rod is close to the theoretical density, so that the best high temperature performance is obtained.


The high temperature strength and recrystallization temperature of high temperature molybdenum (doped molybdenum), molybdenum alloy (Mo-Re, TZM) is higher than pure molybdenum material. They are not easy to be brittle after use in high temperature, thus more ideal high temperature materials.

Fine grain molybdenum bar (axial grain size is more than 1000 grains /mm2) has better comprehensive performance.

Industrial high temperature refractory parts

Molybdenum glass melting electrode and water jacket

Electric light source and electric vacuum part

Product Specification

Main Specifications of Molybdenum Processing Mterials












Molybdenum Pie



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➢ Having inherited the 60 years of experience of the Central Iron and Steel Research Institute, our company is equipped with advanced technology for the preparation of refractory metal materials.

➢ Has the largest tungsten and molybdenum advanced production line in China, to meet the customers’ requirements.

➢ We never stop footsteps of Technical innovation. As a state-owned company, we take responsibility of leading the development of domestic refractory metal technology.

➢ Having passed the certification of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, the company is qualified to provide you with high quality products.

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