Product Series

Oxygen-free Copper (OFC)

Product Introduction

OFC is pure copper that does not contain oxygen or any deoxidizer residue. Based on the product standards, the purity of copper is greater than 99.95%, the oxygen content is no greater than 0.003%, and the total impurity content is no greater than 0.05%.


Typical OFC Materials Properties

Melting point

Softening temperature

Density g/cm³ Density at 20℃

Coefficient of thermal expansion at 20℃

Thermal conductivity at 25℃






Product Application

OFC heat sinks exhibit good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and are mainly used in the electronics and laser industries. They can be used as heat sinks, shells and covers in electronic packaging modules.


Product Specifications

If processed according to the drawings, bare chips and various electroplated chips containing nickel/gold/silver can be provided.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

Precision process control.

Complete quality inspection and measurement methods.

A long history of copper processing, ISO and IATF16949 certification passed.

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