Application Field

Argon Arc Welding

Field Introduction

Argon arc welding is also known as argon gas shielded welding. Passing argon arc protective gas around the arc welding isolates the air from the welding area and prevents the oxidation of the welding area. Introduction to argon arc welding: Argon arc welding technology is based on the principles of conventional arc welding, and uses argon gas to protect the metal filler material. A strong electric current is applied to melt the filler material onto the base metal, forming a molten pool and creating a bond between the base metal and the filler material. Due to the continuous supply of argon gas during the high-temperature melting process, the filler material will not come into contact with the oxygen in the air, thus preventing oxidation. As a result, this technology can be used to weld non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, and alloy steel.  



■    Sophisticated product process control.

■    Diversified means of quality inspection and measurement.

■    More than 60 years experience in the manufacturing of refractory metals.