Material Introduction

Metal Ceramic Molds

Material Introduction

Hot extrusion dies are key components and wearing parts in the hot extrusion process of metal profiles, and are widely used in the hot extrusion molding of copper alloys and aluminum alloys.

The cermet mold developed by our company features metal W as the matrix and alumina as the wear-resistant medium, providing better performance and longer service life.

Specifications and Performance

Density/ ≥8.9
Composition Primarily W (Tungsten)
Recommended temperature/°C 700~1000
Hardness/HRA 78
Bending strength/Mpa 500
Fracture toughness KIC/ MPa·m1/2 ≥8


Fabrication Process

Cermet molds are usually formed by powder metallurgy, densified by liquid phase sintering technology, and finished by machining.



The metal-ceramic mold developed in-house is a metal-ceramic composite material with good red hardness, as well as excellent high-temperature wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The material can maintain the size and shape of the product even under high physical stress; it offers good chemical stability and outstanding oxidation resistance and liquid metal erosion resistance when in contact with air, liquid metal or other media.