Material Introduction

Molybdenum Niobium Alloy

Material Introduction

The main component of molybdenum niobium alloys is Mo-10Nb. Adding niobium to pure molybdenum significantly improves their chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Molybdenum niobium alloys are mainly used in sputtering targets for flat panel displays.

Specifications and Performance


Bar (mm)

Plate (mm)

Molybdenum niobium alloy

Φ 1~50




Fabrication Process

By means of molybdenum alloy powder preparation, isostatic pressing, high-temperature sintering, and thermal deformation processing, molybdenum niobium alloys have a density which is close to the theoretical density, thus ensuring optimal high-temperature performance.




Adding niobium to molybdenum target materials balances the specific impedance, stress, corrosion resistance and other properties of the film after sputtering. Therefore, molybdenum niobium is used for metal wiring of extremely corrosion-resistant touch screen ITO sensors, providing excellent performances.