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Tungsten Sputtering Targets

Product Introduction

Tungsten sputtering targets can form a tungsten coating on all kinds of substrates through the magnetron sputtering process. This coating is a thin-film transistor component used in TFT-LCDs. Because tungsten has a higher melting point than molybdenum, it is more stable, and hence more suitable for large screens, meeting customer demands for higher image definition and contrast. We use advanced ultra-large rolling mills for refractory metal - 2100mm Single Stand Four-roll Reversible Hot Rolling Mills, which can produce wide-range tungsten sputtering targets, with a more stable coating process and higher deposition layer quality. Our tungsten sputtering targets have the following characteristics::

Ultra-high purity

Higher purity of the target leads to a lower probability of abnormal particles during PVD and a better performance of the sputtered film. Impurities in the material are major pollution sources of film deposition, which must be strictly controlled. The tungsten content of our pure tungsten target is not lower than 99.97%, which can fully guarantee the quality of the sputtered film and thereby ensure that each pixel can function perfectly.

Ultra-high density

High-density targets provide a higher sputtering yield, which can increase the sputtering area in unit time. With our large rolling deformation, we realize almost 100% dense tungsten targets with a density of 19.3 g/cm3, which can significantly avoid particle sputtering caused by sudden pore release in solids, thereby improving the film quality.

Fine and uniform grain size

For the same type of target, finer grain has faster sputtering rate; the sputter-deposited film with uniform crystal grain distribution has a uniform thickness. Our target are manufactured by a special process to provide a fine, uniform grain size. The grain size perpendicular to the rolling direction is about 50 um, while that along the rolling direction is smaller than 100 um.

Wide selection of target types

We can provide you with a variety of tungsten sputtering targets, classified into tungsten square targets, tungsten bar targets, and tungsten tube targets depending on their shape. They can also be classified into pure tungsten targets and tungsten alloy targets depending on their material.

WTi targets

WTi targets are mainly used in the field of CIGS thin-film solar cells. With the high density of tungsten and the excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion of titanium, WTi can be used as an ideal coating to prevent other atoms from diffusing into the CIGS semiconductors, thereby increasing the efficiency of CIGS solar cells. Our WTi targets feature high purity (>99.95%), high density, and a fine, uniform grain size (<100 μm); their titanium content is usually 10% or 20%.

WNi targets

WNi targets are mainly used in the field of electrochromic glass. Our WNi targets feature high purity (>99.95%), high density, and a fine, uniform grain size (<100 μm); their composition can be modulated according to your requirements, with nickel content ranging from 25% to 55%.


Product Application

Tungsten sputtering targets are used to fabricate the thin film transistors in TFT-LCDs, and are also used in microelectronic components such as frequency filters. Tungsten alloy targets can be used in CIGS thin-film solar cells and electrochromic glass.

Product Specifications

ATTL can provide targets of all generations. We boast an advanced ultra-large rolling mill for refractory metal - a 2100mm Single Stand Four-roll Reversible Hot Rolling Mill, which can produce the largest-size plane and rotating targets needed on the current market.






Plane target






Rotating targets



Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

R&D and production capacity of targets on all generation lines.

Sufficient capacity and stocks to secure your production demands.

Large-size nondestructive testing equipment with an effective stroke of 4000 * 2000 mm. to ensure that the product has no defects, and to achieve the required perfect coating effect.

Strict quality control ensures products have a very high purity of over 99.97%, a fine, uniform grain size, and a high density of over 99%.

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