Product Series

Tungsten Bars, Tungsten Sheets, Tungsten Wires

Product Introduction

Tungsten has a melting point as high as 3,410ºC, with excellent high-temperature strength, and has very high corrosion resistance to molten alkali metals and steam. Its extremely high thermal stability ensures that it can still work effectively in high temperature environments.

Tungsten features a high melting point, high strength and hardness, excellent high temperature performance, low resistivity, a small expansion coefficient, and a small electronic work function. It is a widely used high temperature resistant metal.

The company mass-produces pure tungsten rods, plates, ingots, wires, crucibles and various special-shaped products of various specifications.


Product Application

Semiconductor ion implantation components

Electric light source and electric vacuum parts

Industrial high temperature furnace refractory parts

Tungsten Sputtering Targets


Product Specifications

All specifications and sizes of products can be designed and fabricated according to customer demands.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

The advantages of our production capacity are obvious, and meet the batch demand of our customers.

Products cover all main equipment models and have a wide range of customer applications.

More than 70 years of experience in R&D and preparation of refractory materials, rich experience in material selection and preparation processes.

Product design upgrade and advancement capabilities, while keeping up with the replacement needs of mainstream equipment.

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