Product Series

Seed holders for Sapphire Crystal Growth Thermal Fields

Product Introduction

Tungsten has a melting point as high as 3,420ºC, and features good strength and hardness, excellent high temperature performance, low resistivity, small expansion coefficient, and small electronic work function. It is a widely-used, high-temperature resistant metal.

Infused with a certain amount of alloying components, the collet can greatly improves its high temperature strength, creep resistance, service life and reliability.


Product Application

The sapphire crystal growth process takes place at over 2,200°C, and the tungsten seed clamp must have sufficient high-temperature strength to carry the weight of the crystal, and high enough purity to meet the requirements of a pure crystal growth environment. Moreover, it should be reliable for repeated use, and there should be stringent requirements for the dimensional accuracy of the collet to ensure a consistent growth direction.

Product Specifications

Density greater than 19.1g/cm3, purity greater than 99.97%.

Based on customer requirements, we can provide customized design solutions for different applications.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Complete quality inspection and measurement methods.

Precision process control.

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

The advantages of our production capacity are obvious, and meet the batch demand of our customers.

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