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Middle Ring Heating Plate for MOCVD Heaters

Product Introduction

Tungsten is a rare metal with a high melting point and outstanding high temperature strength, creep resistance, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, and electron emission capability. Pure tungsten products can reach a purity of over 99.97% and a density of 19.35 g/ cm³, which is 99.9% of the theoretical density.

The alloying treatment of pure tungsten can effectively improve its high-temperature creep resistance, making it more suitable for use in heating plates.




Product Application

The MOCVD epitaxial semiconductor layer requires rays of light that, as closely as possible, emit the same wavelength. To achieve this goal, an important condition is that uniform temperature distribution is achieved within the MOVCD system. Any difference in temperature profile will lead to discoloration in the subsequent luminescence. Our engineers simulate the MOVCD process of each system and modify our heating elements accordingly by means of complex finite element calculations. New elements can provide more uniform temperature distribution inside reactors.

Inside the MOCVD heater, the heating plate reaches temperatures over 2000°C to ensure an extremely long service life. ATTL has developed a new alloy material to improve the high-temperature creep resistance of the heating plate, which will maintain its shape even after long term use; ATTL has also developed a special coating technology to increase surface roughness and emissivity, while also lowering the operating temperature and prolonging service life.


Product Specifications

Providing you with a variety of tungsten heating plates for MOCVD machine models from different mainstream manufacturers; can be customized according to the specific design of your machine temperature field.


Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

New alloy increases high-temperature creep resistance.

Temperature uniformity simulated by finite element calculation.

Supports clean operating rooms within the semiconductor industry.

Surface coating technology improves surface emissivity and product lifetime.

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