Product Series

Tungsten Components for MOCVD Heaters

Product Introduction

Both tungsten and molybdenum have excellent thermal stability, which ensures that they can still work properly in high temperature environments. After the rolling and forging processes, the material exhibits excellent mechanical properties and is widely used in structural components for MOCVD heaters.


Product Application

MOCVD heaters require components with different functions, such as heating components, heat insulation components, conductive components, and structural components. Tungsten and molybdenum materials can be precisely processed to meet the application of different functional components inside MOCVD heaters.

Product Specifications

Various spare parts of MOCVD machine models from major manufacturers are available for you to choose from, and can also be customized according to your machine temperature field design.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Precision machining

Excellent high temperature creep resistance.

Supports clean operating rooms within the semiconductor industry.

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