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X-ray Generator Components

Product Introduction

High-end graphite target disks are a key component of X-ray generators such as CT machines. They are suitable for use in harsh environments, and can be used repeatedly at high temperatures and pressures; these disks have extremely strict requirements in terms of material selection. ATTL uses high-end graphite and WRe/TZM metal matrix composites, providing customers with products with a heat capacity of 3.5MHU-8MHU.





Product Application

Most X-ray generator components feature a vacuum diode structure, with the cathode consisting of a tungsten filament. When a current passes through it, the tungsten wire heats up and emits groups of electrons. Under the action of the two high voltages of the X-ray tube, the electron group runs from the cathode to the anode at high speeds, blocking movement towards the target disk. 99% of the kinetic energy is converted into heat, and only 1% is converted into radiation, which is finally released in the form of X-rays.




Product Specifications

ATTL provides customers with customized graphite target discs with a diameter of 90-220 mm and a heat capacity of 3.5-8 MHU.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Advanced quality control.

Wide experience in cooperative research and development.

Engaged in the development and production of refractory metal materials for more than 60 years.

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