Product Series

High Temperature Molybdenum Plates

Product Introduction

The AGM20 high-temperature anti-deformation molybdenum plate is mainly used as a setter plate in the HTCC sintering process. This plate can be used for extended periods without deformation at 1,400-1,700 ℃. It is characterized by its outstanding purity, good strength and high temperature creep resistance.。

Product Application

● HTCC preparation process.

● MLCC preparation process.

Product Specifications

We can design and provide high-temperature sintered molybdenum plates to different specifications using different assembly methods, according to the type of sintering furnace used by the customer and their specific requirements.  




Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

Industry-leading rolling process.

Precision process control.

Complete quality inspection and measurement methods.

Industry-leading batch production molybdenum application line.

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