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Heat Shield for Sapphire Growth Thermal Fields

Product Introduction

Tungsten has a melting point as high as 3,420ºC, and features good strength and hardness, excellent high temperature performance, low resistivity, small expansion coefficient, and small electronic work function. It is a widely-used, high-temperature resistant metal.

After the tungsten sheet has been rolled, its surface density will be close to the theoretical value, and will also become close to the mirror state after proper treatment. This exhibits excellent heat reflection performance in a vacuum environment, with good temperature creep resistance and very little volatilization.



Product Application

Tungsten materials have excellent thermal emission properties. Tungsten plates have outstanding creep resistance and can withstand high steam pressure at high temperatures; they are widely used as core high-temperature components in high-temperature furnaces.

The sapphire crystal growth process has high requirements for temperature stability and the thermal field environment. Tungsten heat shields, with their high melting point, stable high temperature performance and reduced pollution, have been widely used in sapphire crystal growth furnaces.

The thermal insulation system controls the crystal growth environment, and the uniformity of the thermal field will greatly affect the quality of crystal growth. The thermal insulation effect determines the power of the equipment. A properly designed heat field structure and heating capacity ensure uniform temperature in the furnace while reducing heat loss.

Product Specifications

Customized products can be provided according to customer requirements, as well as total solutions for tungsten heat shields and thermal fields.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

Excellent thermal insulation ensures a uniform thermal field.

Excellent high temperature creep resistance, no deformation within the product design life.

High purity of 99.97%, meeting the purity requirements of crystal growth environments.

The advantages of our production capacity are obvious, and meet the batch demand of our customers.

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