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Molybdenum Weight Hammer for Monocrystalline Silicon Growth Furnaces

Product Introduction

Molybdenum has a melting point as high as 2,600°C, good high-temperature strength, low pollution, good machinability, good thermal conductivity, and maintains good mechanical properties at high temperatures. As a result of these characteristics, it is used in various high temperature components, including molybdenum crucibles, molybdenum core rods, molybdenum rings, and molybdenum tubes.

Molybdenum alloy mixed with alloying elements effectively improves the high temperature strength and creep resistance of the material, and is widely used in single crystal silicon growth furnaces.


Product Application

Monocrystalline silicon growth requires high temperatures above 1410°C, with a molybdenum weight hammer required to ensure that the pulling system is consistent with the direction of gravity. It therefore requires sufficient tensile strength and processing accuracy, especially in terms of coaxiality, to ensure that there is no jumping during rotation, and to ensure stable crystal growth.

Product Specifications

Customized products can be provided based on customer requirements, with material solutions based on different customer designs.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

The advantages of our production capacity are obvious, and meet the batch demand of our customers.

The products cover the main crystal growth furnace equipment models, and feature a wide range of customer applications.

More than 60 years experience in the R&D and preparation of refractory materials, and experience in material selection and preparation processes.

Product design upgrade and improvement capabilities, in line with the latest requirements for mainstream crystal growth furnace equipment.

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