Product Series

Tantalum Shaped Products

Product Introduction

Tantalum has a melting point of 2,996°C and a density of 16.68 g/cm3. It exhibits a high melting point, good corrosion resistance and excellent cold working performance, and is widely used in the aviation and aerospace industries, as well as in high temperature technology, and the atomic energy and chemical industries. It is mainly used to make parts of supersonic aircraft, rocket engines, spacecraft combustion chambers, high temperature resistant furnace parts, and parts resistant to corrosion by nitric, sulfuric, and hydrochloric acids.

Production process: reduced tantalum bar - vacuum melting - forging - machining - finished product inspection - packaging and delivery.


Product Application

Product Specifications

All specifications and sizes of products can be designed and fabricated according to customer demands.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Quality assurance: sophisticated production technology and testing methods.

Supply guarantee: sufficient raw materials, sufficient equipment capacity, short delivery cycle.

Various product sizes can be produced to meet customization needs.

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