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Boron Nitride Composite Ceramics

Product Introduction

A high-temperature structural material, hexagonal boron nitride is widely used to make nozzles for the amorphous industry. It is a key component in quenching and rapid solidification devices. Our boron nitride material is compounded by adding materials to improve the high temperature erosion resistance and thermal shock resistance of the product, based on a boron nitride matrix. This offers good high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature chemical stability and thermal shock resistance; it is also very easy to process. As a result, it is widely used in the amorphous spray tape industry.

The unique process formula provides uniform particle size distribution, high density, uniform hardness and low deviation.

Boron nitride nozzles have good thermal shock resistance and toughness in high temperature environments of 1400°C, thus improving deformation resistance. The high density ensures that the nozzle has good erosion resistance and corrosion resistance to high-temperature metal solutions, effectively reducing the phenomenon of nozzle blocking and prolonging the service life of the nozzle while ensuring the uniformity of the spray belt.



Chemical symbol




Melting point/℃

No obvious melting point

Mohs hardness


Bending strength (20℃)/Mpa

Horizontal direction 60-80, vertical direction 30-50

Elastic modulus (20℃)/Gpa



Product Application

An amorphous iron core is a machine part made of iron-based amorphous strip, whose crystallization temperature is 550ᄚC. It offers high saturation magnetic induction and low losses, which greatly reduces the weight of the equipment, as well as overall volume, and improves efficiency. An amorphous alloy transformer is a kind of power transformer with low losses and high energy efficiency. These transformers use an iron-based amorphous metal core. Because the material does not have a long-range ordered structure, magnetization and demagnetization are easier than in ordinary magnetic materials. Therefore, the iron loss (that is, no-load loss) of the amorphous alloy transformer is 70-80% lower than that of a traditional transformer, which generally has a silicon steel core.

Product Specifications

The main conventional specifications are 220*184*32 and 255*153*32 large blanks, while other specifications can be customized.


Boron nitride nozzle

Main components







Leeb hardness/HL


Bending strength/Mpa


Thermal expansion coefficient (25°C-1200°C)/10-6/K


Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

Precision process control.

Complete quality inspection and measurement methods.

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