Product Series

Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Powder

Product Introduction

Our aluminum nitride ceramic powder exhibits high purity, small particle size, uniform distribution, high surface activity, low bulk density, and good injection molding performance. It can be used in composite materials, and has good compatibility with semiconductor silicon and different interfaces. It can improve the mechanical, thermal and dielectric properties of composite materials.


Product Application

● Additives for high pressure and high temperature titanium alloys

● High thermal conductivity filler for thermal paste and thermal grease

● High thermal conductivity filler for thermally conductive engineering plastics

● Insulating and thermally conductive fillers used in the manufacture of high thermal conductivity ceramic circuit substrates

● High thermal conductivity fillers for thermal interface materials

● Used in crucible metal smelting, evaporation boats, ceramic knives, cutting tools, and microwave dielectric materials

● Used in the manufacture of ceramic circuit substrates with high thermal conductivity, and in various ceramic products

● Used for conductive ceramic evaporation boats

● Used for LED phosphor synthesis

Product Specifications

All specifications and sizes of products can be designed and fabricated according to customer demands.

Fabrication Process


Company Advantage

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

Complete quality inspection and measurement methods.

Precision process control.

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