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Metal Ceramic Mold

Product Introduction

Our cermets have good thermal strength and red hardness. The mold features high thermal stability, good wear resistance, no oxidation, no deformation, no hanging material when working at high temperatures, high precision for extruded products, good surface quality and high yield rates.

Hardness: room temperature hardness: HRA 80-87; at a temperature of 1,000℃, the Vickers hardness HV exceeds 400, and the material is widely used in the hot extrusion processing of copper, titanium, stainless steel and aluminum alloy rods, pipes, wires, and profiled materials.


Product Application

When copper and various copper alloys are extruded and deformed, the copper ingot needs to be heated to 600-1,000 degrees. Ordinary alloy steel and cemented carbide have poor red hardness and are easily deformed at high temperatures, making them unsuitable for use in these applications. The cermet combines the thermal strength and red hardness of ceramics at high temperatures, the thermal stability of the mold, good wear resistance, no oxidation, no deformation, and no material hanging when working at high temperatures. The extruded products feature high precision, good surface quality and high yield, and are widely used in the hot extrusion deformation of copper and various copper alloys.

Product Specifications

Customizable within an inner diameter range of Φ1-Φ200, while special specifications can be discussed separately.

Fabrication Process


Company Advantage

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

Complete quality inspection and measurement methods.

Precision process control.

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