Product Series

Surface Composite Coating

Product Introduction

A Thermal barrier coating (TBC): generally consists of a metal bond coat and a ceramic finish. It features a high melting point, low thermal conductivity, low emissions and high reflectivity. It is usually prepared by plasma spraying technology, and is sprayed on the surface of hot end components to isolate them from high-temperature gas, reduce the surface temperature of components, and ensure that they are free from high-temperature corrosion and gas ablation.

ATTL focuses on the use requirements of workpieces in high-temperature environments based on refractory materials, and has developed a variety of functional coatings such as ablation resistance, oxidation resistance, heat insulation, heat generation, and heat dissipation.

Product Application


Industrial furnaces

Semiconductor preparation

Medical care

Product Specifications

Providing material solutions according to the actual operating environments and requirements of customers.

Fabrication Process


Company Advantage

Vast product support experience.

Multiple sets of plasma spraying equipment, which are operated by manipulators to ensure coating accuracy.

Comprehensive testing capabilities, from substrate, powder to coating; full range of analysis and testing equipment, ensuring advanced product quality control.

Leveraging CISRI's more than 60 years' experience in thermal spraying research and development (R&D) to create a high-level R&D team which has made outstanding achievements in the transformation of ideas.

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