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Nuclear Fusion Divertor

Product Introduction

AT&M has given full play to its technology, equipment and industrialization experience in metal materials and metal diffusion bonding, by developing the "two-step hot isostatic pressure diffusion welding" metal composite technology with proprietary intellectual property rights. The company has realized the bonding of high-quality dissimilar materials of tungsten-copper composite components and obtained excellent interface performance. The mass delivery and installation use of active water-cooled all-tungsten divertor products has also been achieved for the first time in the world, while passing the high heat load test requirements of ITER. EAST, a piece of major national science and technology infrastructure equipment, achieved repeatable plasma operation at 120 million degrees Celsius for 101 seconds and 160 million degrees Celsius for 20 seconds on May 28, 2021, setting a new world record. The EAST upper/lower divertor tungsten-copper composite parts exclusively supplied by AT&M have made important contributions to China's "artificial sun" and "China's fusion dream", which demonstrates CISRI's core strength and mission in the development of metal composite materials.




Product Application

As one of the most demanding components in the field of nuclear fusion, the divertor directly bears the most severe heat and particle flow impact of high-temperature plasma, which in turn puts forward strict requirements for material selection. The graphite or tungsten monomer materials originally adopted by EAST can only last for a few seconds under low-power test conditions, which is unable to satisfy the engineering requirements of high-power long pulses. Tungsten-copper composite components thus became the ideal candidate.

Product Specifications

Providing customers with divertor components that meet nuclear power requirements.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

The WCU divertor was successfully used in the French WEST project, meeting all test requirements and providing world-leading test results.

More than 60 years of experience in the research and development of refractory materials, we are one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research of refractory materials in China.

The WCU divertor has successfully supported the EAST project of the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, while the experimental results have repeatedly set new world records.

The company has participated in the ITER project since 2007, developing high-performance tungsten and tungsten-copper composite products that meet fusion requirements.

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