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MOCVD Heater

Product Introduction

MOCVD is a chemical vapor deposition technology that utilizes organometallic decomposition reactions for the vapor-phase epitaxial growth of thin films. To grow multi-component, large-area, thin-layer and ultra-thin-layer compound semiconductor materials, in addition to system tightness, flow rate and rapid composition change, the temperature control of the reaction chamber is the most important consideration for MOCVD equipment. The cavity temperature control accuracy should reach 0.2°C or higher, since high temperature uniformity is also an important guarantee for product yield. The MOCVD heater is the core component for controlling the uniform, stable and reliable thermal field of the cavity.  


Product Application

MOCVD Equipment

Product Specifications

Providing customers with heater components and spare parts for mainstream MOCVD equipment.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Our advanced machining production line meets the requirements for part and component precision.

More than 60 years of dedication to the R&D and preparation of refractory materials, with broad experience in material selection and preparation.

Professional thermal field simulation capability combined with a design team that can cooperate with customers on systematic design and optimization.

Nearly 20 years of assembly experience in the field of semiconductor equipment to meet the needs of component delivery.

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