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Aluminum Nitride Ceramic Powder

Product Introduction

Our titanium nitride features good physical and chemical properties, such as a high melting point, good chemical stability, good hardness and electrical conductivity, good thermal conductivity and optical performance. It has a number of very important uses in various industries, especially in the field of new metal ceramics and gold decoration. Titanium nitride coating is wear-resistant and cost-effective, with better performances than vacuum coating, giving it a wide range of application prospects.



Molecular weight


Melting point/℃


Crystal structure




Thermal expansion coefficient




Product Application

● Additives for high pressure and high temperature titanium alloys

● High thermal conductivity filler for thermal paste and thermal grease

● High thermal conductivity filler for thermally conductive engineering plastics

● Insulating and thermally conductive fillers used in the manufacture of high thermal conductivity ceramic circuit substrates

● High thermal conductivity fillers for thermal interface materials

● Used in crucible metal smelting, evaporation boats, ceramic knives, cutting tools, and microwave dielectric materials

● Used in the manufacture of ceramic circuit substrates with high thermal conductivity, and in various ceramic products

● Used for conductive ceramic evaporation boats

● Used for LED phosphor synthesis

Product Specifications

Product name



Particle size

Titanium nitride


N: 20~22    O: 0.6~1.2%  C: <0.5%   Fe:<1.2%

Based on customer requirements

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Porcelain powder offers high purity and uniform particle size distribution.

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