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Hot Runner Nozzles

Product Introduction

TZM material hot runner nozzles are molybdenum-doped reinforced alloys, obtained by mixing and sintering molybdenum powder and hydrides of the doping elements. It exhibits excellent high temperature strength and wear resistance, and is suitable for plastic injection molding.

Providing customers with TZM hot runner nozzles or customized TZM materials.


Product Application

In the automotive industry, injection molding requires high-temperature plastic material liquids to be transported through hot runners and injected into the mold through nozzles. The nozzle should feature outstanding thermal conductivity and strength to ensure that the plastic can be injected into the mold at a suitable temperature and operate stably for a long time.

Product Specifications

All specifications and sizes of products can be designed and fabricated according to customer demands.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

Supply guarantee - Sufficient raw materials and equipment to ensure product supply.

Large size and tailor-made product solutions to meet different customer requirements.

Quality assurance - Raw materials are fully controlled; finished products are tested to ensure that product size and material composition meet the required standards.

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