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Tungsten Tube Material Table and Tungsten Molybdenum Material for Continuous Quartz Melting

Product Introduction

Tungsten tube and material table: The tungsten tube and material table are assembled into a tungsten crucible by means of a screw connection, a core component in the continuous quartz furnace. High-purity quartz sand is heated to a high-temperature quartz solution, with maximum temperatures over 2,200°C. Only quality tungsten materials can ensure the silica sand is fully melted to eliminate encapsulated excess gases and impurities.

Forming device: The forming device can draw conventional quartz tubes, thick-walled quartz tubes, double-hole quartz tubes, quartz optical fiber drawing rods, and quartz plates of different specifications through the material table mouth. The tungsten former and molybdenum former produced by the high-density process improve its deformation resistance, making it difficult to deform during long-term high-temperature drawing, which provides a reliable guarantee for the production of continuous quartz melting products with accurate dimensions.

Core rod: The core rod is mainly used to fix the former in the melting furnace. Tungsten core rods have high stability to ensure there is no offset, thereby ensuring the uniform thickness and regular shape of quartz products. After forging at a high compression ratio, the length of the tungsten-lanthanum and molybdenum-lanthanum core rods can reach 2,500mm, with diameters over 90mm.

Molybdenum electrode arm: The molybdenum electrode arm is a device that conducts electricity to the heating tungsten rod. Each set of arms is bent by two square molybdenum bars, and are connected back together with screws to form a fork shape. Evenly spaced holes are drilled at the bend, with the tungsten rod placed on top and fixed at the upper end of the tube drawing furnace. The high-temperature strength and metal processing performance of molybdenum electrode arms after undergoing the forging and rolling processes are much higher than those of simple sintered products. After the molybdenum electrode arm is subjected to high deformation compression, the internal grain structure becomes flat and fibrous. This provides increased strength and toughness at high temperatures, meaning it will not deform or crack even after long-term use.

Tungsten Rod Heater: Tungsten rod heaters are used inside continuous quartz melting furnaces. They are longitudinally distributed around the tungsten crucible and conduct electricity through the molybdenum electrode arm while emitting a lot of heat. This radiates through the crucible to fully melt and draw the high purity silica sand inside. Tungsten has high strength and hardness, excellent high temperature performance, low resistivity, and small expansion coefficient, and can be forged into a tungsten rod for heating after being doped with ppm level potassium. This significantly improves its high temperature shock resistance and anti-sag performance. For tungsten rod heaters, we provide alkaline wash finish and polished finish for you to choose from, to satisfy the requirements of tube drawing manufacturers.

Molybdenum rings: divided into upper and lower molybdenum rings. After the upper molybdenum ring processes the inner circle into threads, it is connected to the outer circle of the upper flange of the tungsten crucible, and acts as a suspension. The combined weight of the crucible and the raw materials inside is concentrated on the molybdenum ring. After the lower molybdenum ring evenly punches holes through the end face, the heated tungsten rods are inserted into the holes in an orderly manner, and hung on the lower end of the crucible to act as the lower electrode. The lower molybdenum ring does not play a role in hoisting and bearing, but its deformation resistance is fully tested by means of ring punching and long-term high-temperature operating conditions.



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Product Application

The tungsten crucible continuous quartz melting furnaces and supporting materials produced by ATTL can be used to draw semiconductor-grade large-diameter quartz tubes, solar-grade large-diameter quartz tubes, transparent quartz tubes, UV filter quartz tubes, ozone-free quartz tubes, opalescent quartz tubes, optical fiber preforms, and quartz plates.

Products are widely used in semiconductor/PV quartz boats, diffusion furnaces, UV block germicidal lamps, infrared heat lamps, advanced automotive lamps, optical communication fibers, and targets for optical coating.

Product Specifications

Our company can produce tungsten crucibles and supporting tungsten and molybdenum materials of 290 to 930 for continuous quartz melting furnaces and provide customized products to meet specific customer requirements for different industries.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

China's first enterprise to specialize in the research and production of tungsten materials; started in 1958. Inheriting 70 years of research and production experience in tungsten and molybdenum materials from CISRI;

The high-purity tungsten and molybdenum materials provided do not bring any pollution to the quartz, and the service life of a single set of 350-type tungsten tubes is up to 16 years, making it an industry leader.

In the 1990s, we began to participate in the localization of quartz drawn tubes, breaking the monopoly of imported products, witnessing successive innovations in tungsten crucibles for use in the continuous quartz melting industry.

Can be fully customized according to customer requirements; sufficient and stable capacity to support the development of quartz tube drawing enterprises.

With the advanced densification technology of tungsten and molybdenum, the products offer outstanding performances in terms of corrosion resistance and deformation resistance of the former, reduce the frequency of furnace shutdown and maintenance, and prevent the blistering of quartz tubes.

Tools and equipment for producing high-quality quartz for the whole continuous quartz melting industry can be individually tailored, while the company boasts the necessary production experience for all manner of furnaces; supports the full supply of tungsten-molybdenum materials and fittings required for continuous quartz melting furnaces.

Advanced technology for a leading global position. The company boasts a wealth of experience in large-scale tungsten tube production, providing customers with ultra-large Φ1000 × 1300 mm single tungsten tubes, meeting industry demands for solar PVs, semiconductors, and fiber optic communication.

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