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X-ray Detector Components

Product Introduction

Tungsten and tungsten alloy foil products are key fitting components of CT detectors. Conventional lead shielded filter grids are unable to satisfy the demands for safe medical use because they exhibit poor hardness and are prone to many issues such as secondary radiation and heavy metal pollution. As a component for CT detectors, high-performance tungsten alloys have been increasingly applied in CT systems and are widely recognized by several world-renowned medical device manufacturers due to their high precision, high density, good strength, strong ray absorption, small volume, and good safety.  




Product Application

he X-ray detector is the core of a CT scanner, transforming X-rays invisible to the naked eye into a digital signal capable of being turned into an image.

The X-ray detector unit is a device capable of converting X-ray energy into recordable electrical signals. It receives radiation and then generates electrical signals that are proportional to the radiation intensity. In general, the intensity of signals received by the detector depends on the density of body tissue at the target site. For hyperdense tissues such as bone, which absorb more X-rays, the detector receives a weak signal; for hypodense tissues such as fat, which absorb fewer X-rays, the detector receives a strong signal. The nature of different X-ray absorption values across different tissues can be expressed as the tissue absorption coefficient, m. Therefore, the intensity of signals received by the detector reflects the m value of human tissue, thus determining the nature of the tissue.


Product Specifications

ATTL can provide customized products according to customer requirements, with a thickness of 0.05-0.2 mm.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Industry-leading rolling process.

Precision process control.

Complete quality inspection and measurement methods.

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

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