Product Series

Balance & Vibration Weights

Product Introduction

The tungsten alloy counterweights produced by ATTL feature uniform density and large specificity, and are commonly used in racing cars to increase the weight of the chassis and keep the body balanced at high speeds. The high density of tungsten alloys greatly reduces the physical size of the components, which makes the weight distribution easier to control, increases the sensitivity of the control mechanism, and places a large amount of material in a small space to achieve precise control.


Product Application

The tungsten alloy counterweights produced by ATTL are important products to make up for swing, weight transfer, imbalance and vibration. They are widely used in aerospace, automobile industry, sports equipment, crude oil and natural gas drilling, gas turbine counterweight and precision optical instruments in China and overseas.

●  Aerospace: In the aerospace industry, our tungsten-based high-density alloys have excellent performance and can be used to manufacture aviation counterweights and avionics system accessories.

●  Automobile industry: In Formula 1 racing cars or large diesel engines, our tungsten-based heavy alloys are used for crankshaft balances and chassis weights.

●  Sports equipment: professional tungsten alloy darts, golf clubs.

●  Energy unit: super large inertia wheel.

●  Crude oil and natural gas drilling: downhole logging equipment.

●  Precision optical instruments and similar: microscopes and measuring instruments.


Product Specifications

ATTL provides customized balance and vibration counterweight products with densities ranging from 17g/cc to 18.5g/cc.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Complete quality inspection and measurement methods.

Precision process control.

60-year experience in refractory metal manufacturing.

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