Product Series

Tungsten Rhenium Alloys

Product Introduction

High melting point

Very strong chemical corrosion resistance

Remains ductile after recrystallization

Very high resistivity within a wide temperature range

Low vapor pressure

Better antioxidant activity at high temperatures

Good vibration resistance


Product Application

Tungsten rhenium alloys are widely used as:

● Heaters

● Tungsten rhenium thermocouples for temperature measurement

● Tungsten rhenium binding wires for crystal growth

● Electron tube cathodes

● Refractory components for industrial high-temperature furnaces

● Friction stir welding

● High performance structural components



Product Specifications

Customize sheets, bars, pipes, and complex-shaped workpieces based on customer requirements.

Provide material solutions according to customers' actual operating conditions and structural requirements.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

More than 60 years of manufacturing experience.

Patented tungsten rhenium alloy wires and rhenium plate manufacturing processes.

Designed and fabricated according to your demands.

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Ji Pengfei


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