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Tungsten Heavy Alloys

Product Introduction

Tungsten heavy alloy is a kind of alloy that uses tungsten as a substrate, which is then combined with a small amount of nickel, iron, copper and other alloying elements. It is characterized: high adjustable density (~18.5 g/cm3), strong absorption ability of high-energy radiation (1/3 higher than the absorptivity of lead rays), low coefficient of thermal expansion (4-6 × 10-6/°C), excellent plasticity, high strength and elastic modulus, machinability and weldability.


Product Application

Widely used in protective materials for radiation shielding, counterweight materials, inertial materials, dynamic balancing materials, kinetic energy materials, high-temperature molds, and anvils.

Product Specifications

Sheets, rods, tubes and complex workpieces can all be manufactured. Different specifications of tungsten alloy products can be customized according to your required application.

Fabrication Process

Company Advantage

Scientific research constantly innovating and improving.

Advanced machining lines to fabricate extremely precise tungsten alloy parts.

More than 60 years experience in tungsten alloy production ensures the quality of our products reaches an internationally advanced level.

Provided key shielding components for CERN's ALICE detector in 2004, and was awarded the CERN Best Industry Award.

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