Application Field

Ion Implanter Parts

Field Introduction

Ion implantation (scanning accelerator type) is an approach for injecting high-energy doping element ions into a semiconductor wafer to obtain the required doping concentration and junction depth. Due to its chemical purity, as well as its precise and controllable process, ion implantation is a unique research method that is also widely used to change refractive indices in optical materials, to increase the critical temperature of superconducting materials, in surface catalysis, changing the magnetization intensity of magnetic materials, improving the movement speed of magnetic bubbles, and simulating neutron radiation damage.

The ion source system of the ion implanter consists of tungsten and molybdenum devices made by precision processing of 1.6-45mm tungsten and molybdenum plates and rods.

Our tungsten and molybdenum ion implantation components are widely used in chambers, filaments, blades, brackets, cathodes and other parts of various types of ion implanters. In addition, thanks to our strong machining capabilities, we are able to provide blades, terminals, insulators and other graphite and ceramic components.






■    The grain structure is very fine, resulting in a smooth product surface and better mechanical properties.

■    Ultra-high material purity avoids interference to products and wafers during ion implantation.

■    Safety inventory of commonly used consumables for different models, in order to realize shelf-type spot sales.

■    Passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, and carry out SPC control of key product parameters for ion implanted components.

■    To meet the needs of the semiconductor industry, a clean room and pure water production line have been built to ensure that the cleaning and packaging of all products meets the dust-free requirements for semiconductor materials.

■    The largest refractory metal machining production line in China, with hundreds of high-precision wire cutting, CNC machine tools and machining centers, to enable the high-precision processing of ion implanted components.

■    More than 60 years experience in the R&D and manufacturing of tungsten and molybdenum materials, we were one of the earliest companies in China to engage in the development and research of refractory metals.

■    Design and development of new materials and ion implantation components according to customer needs thanks to our professional technical team and strong scientific research capabilities.