Application Field

Industrial Counterweight

Field Introduction

Tungsten alloys with high specific gravity are known as 3-high (or 3H) alloys, that is, high-density, high-strength, and high-hardness. Therefore, one important use of high specific gravity alloys is as a counterweight. Tungsten-based high-specific-gravity alloy counterweights are key components in various application fields, compensating for swings, weight transfers, imbalances and vibrations, forming or changing the center of gravity and ensuring optimal balance. Widely used in mechanical counterweights, flyweights, weighting rods and watch pendulums used in oil drilling industries; vibrators used in mobile phones, games consoles, etc.; ballast weights and weight components for sailing and ships; gyroscopes used in aerospace, aircraft counterweights, and other applications.

Materials with high density, good mechanical strength, and easy processing are required when designing for the aerospace and defense industries. Tungsten alloy is a good choice. The high density of tungsten alloy products greatly reduces the physical size of the components, making it easier to control weight distribution and increasing the sensitivity of control mechanisms. When a large amount of material needs to be placed in a small space, tungsten alloy becomes the ideal material.



■    Diversified means of quality inspection and measurement.

■    Sophisticated product process control.

■    More than 60 years experience in the manufacturing of refractory metals.