Application Field

High-temperature Alloy

Field Introduction

The steel industry is the largest application area for niobium. Niobium is mainly used in the steel industry to manufacture different alloy steels, heat-resistant alloys, niobium-based alloys and niobium carbides; niobium is one of the main alloying elements of steel. Adding 0.02% to 0.05% trace metal niobium to ordinary steel can increase its strength by 20% to 25%, improve its mechanical and welding properties, improve heat and corrosion resistance, and reduce the brittleness of steel. Because niobium steel has these excellent properties, it can be used in rocket engine manufacturing and spacecraft heat shielding, as well as in structural materials for electronic reactors and cladding materials for nuclear fuels.



Main products

Main specifications

Smelted tantalum plate


Smelted niobium plate


Melting tantalum ingots


Smelting niobium ingots



■    Various product sizes to meet customization needs.
■    Quality assurance: mature target production technology and testing methods.
■    Supply guarantee: sufficient raw materials, sufficient equipment capacity, and short delivery cycles.