Application Field

Flat Panel Display

Field Introduction

Display screens are now an integral part of our lives, and can be found everywhere in televisions, computers, mobile phones, smart watches, car displays, etc. The development of new display technologies, such as higher resolution and ultra-high-definition 8K, also poses higher requirements on the performance of the display screens.

Products such as our sputtering targets are critical to the production of flat panel displays. Tiny molybdenum metal particles are evaporated from the molybdenum target using magnetron sputtering and are subsequently deposited onto a glass substrate to form a thin film. This molybdenum coating is a key element used in displays, enabling instant control of pixels to ensure exceptionally clear image quality.  



■     R&D and production capabilities for all generations of target materials.

■    Sufficient production capacity and stock to ensure your production needs.

■    Strict and stable quality control ensures that factory targets have extremely high purity, high density and uniform structure.

■     Large-scale non-destructive flaw detection equipment with an effective stroke of 4,000mm*2,000mm ensures that our products achieve the perfect coating effect.