Application Field

Ceramic/Metal Packaging Shells

Field Introduction

Packaging shells are used to place, fix, seal, and protect the chip, enhancing its electrothermal performance, while acting as a bridge between internal and external circuits. The contacts on the chip are connected to the pins on the chip package through wires, while the chip housing pins are connected to other electronic devices through wires on the printed board. Commonly used packaging types include plastic, ceramics, glass and metal.



■    We started from packaging heat sink materials, and have made great progress in structural design and micro-assembly through a process of continuous development and accumulation.

■    Providing packaging design technology for modules/devices/components, micro-assembly technology and encapsulation technology for ceramic and glass systems.

■    Complete system-in-package (SIP) product design and mass production technology.

■    Product categories include optical communication packages, infrared detector packages, microwave power device packages, and phased array T/R components.

■    An enterprise that combines research, development and production in the field of system-in-package technology.